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Search Engine Optimization in India

Website Optimization or Search Engine Optimization is a technique to get your website pages optimize for a better search engines ranking. In this technique we optimize each webpage  with relevant keywords, key phrase and text that we are going to target for search engine results in search engines.

Search Engines survive to help the searcher find the most relevant websites for the information they seek. Search engines do this by reading the content text of all the websites they index and using complex algorithms to decide their relative importance.

Bluei Softech Indian Search Engine Optimization Expert find relevant Keywords related to your website theme that are most popular and search by people around the globe and put those keyword and key phrases into your website , ‘like if people search Indian Silver Jewelry then we provide these keywords into our webpage's’. Each webpage should be considered separately as they are indexed separately by the search engines. Each webpage should only be optimized for one or two key phrases.

Here are the main requirements for Search Engine Optimization:

Page Title: up to 10 words beginning with the main key phrase
Meta Description: up to 24 words describing the webpage content in a way that will interest a visitor to click through
Meta Keywords: up to 12 pf the main keywords used on the webpage
Headers: use H1,H2 etc tags to show the importance of each phrase and break up the webpage accordingly
Content: use the phrase in the content, preferably near the beginning
Keyword density: use variations and repetitions of the phrase to reinforce its importance without making the text unreadable.
Images: ensure their is a relevant 'ALT' tag with text to show content

This process will ensure your web pages are indexed for the right content.

So if your have a Search Engine Optimization requirements or want to outsource Search engine optimization to India then contact us for your Website Optimization Inquiry - We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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